We Don’t Just Fix Forklifts…. 

We offer Loading Dock Equipment repair & replacement throughout Northern Alberta. Our dock division offers many products through our main supplier, Nordock, and our other specialty providers. 

We can provide Dock Levelers (hydraulic or mechanical), Vehicle Restraint Systems, Door Seals & Truck Shelters, Lift Tables, Dock Bumpers and more, all with full installation from our dock specialists. 

If you have an older mechanical leveler we can install our hydraulic conversion kits and remove all of your old, worn out mechanical components. 

Other products we can provide include HVLS Fans, Dock Lighting, Air Curtains, Bug Screen Doors, High Speed Roll Up Doors and more. 

If you are looking for the latest technology in dock monitoring, the iDock Connect system can provide every piece of information you need for your warehouse. Your docks can be monitored from a single device, showing what docks are free, service history, whether or not safety systems are in place (vehicle restraints) and even send text/email alerts. 

Contact us today for any of your Loading Dock needs.