Is your equipment or warehouse constantly being damaged? Have you had near-miss incidents with pedestrian traffic or worse, had an employee or visitor hit by a piece of equipment? 

At times, it can be difficult to see what is behind your equipment. Bright lights and back up alarms are great devices, but they can be drowned out in yards or warehouses as simple background noise.

That’s where the SEEN Safety Iris 860 comes in. This Unique technology senses reflective material found in high-vis clothing and reflective tape. It emits a loud audible alarm, alerting both the equipment operator and any nearby personnel to the proximity of the equipment. Since it only activates when it detects, it grabs the attention of everyone instantly and helps to prevent any accidents.

The IRIS can be used in front or behind and integrating multiple units will ensure that all angles are covered. Simple installation can be done on any equipment for indoor and outdoor use.

Contact us today for an on site demo at your location and see the video of this amazing safety product here