Alliance Equipment Ltd is the Northern Alberta dealer for Hangcha Forklifts. Ranked 8th in the world, this full line material handling manufacturer can supply any of your forklift or warehouse equipment needs. Hangcha has also partnered with CATL, one of the biggest LITHIUM-ION BATTERY producers in the world, to create a huge range of forklifts powered by lithium technology. Fast charging and no emissions, battery monitoring technology & the ability to work outside. These electric forklifts are a great alternative to internal combustion with less maintenance & no fuel consumption. More information can be found at Hangcha Canada’s site.

Hangcha Forklifts

Class 1

3-wheel counterbalance, with capacities ranging from 1500lbs up to 4000lbs in sit down configuration. Stand up configuration (dock stocker) up to 5000lbs. 4-wheel counterbalance, with capacities ranging from 4000lbs up to 99,000lbs. Pneumatic & cushion tire units available. LITHIUM-ION BATTERY technology is available throughout the entire range.

Class 2

Single or double deep, stand up type scissor reach trucks. Lift heights up to 421” available with fork camera & height indicator. Sit down mast reach and standup mast reach, with capacities ranging from 3000-5000lbs. LITHIUM-ION BATTERY models available.  

Class 3

Huge range of electric pallet jacks, both walk behind or ride-on, as well as stackers in multiple configurations. LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES available in all models.

Hangcha Lithium Ion Forklifts

Class 4

Internal combustion, cushion tire units. Capacities from 3000-6500lbs in regular configuration, or 8000-15,500lbs in boxcar special. 4 hydraulic valves are optional for compatibility with any forklift attachment.

Class 5

Internal combustion, pneumatic tire units. Compact or regular chassis sizes, with GCT & GM LPG/Gas or Kubota diesel engines with capacities ranging from 3000-15,500lbs. Larger heavy-duty models with capacities up to 105,000lbs. Offered with the latest emissions rated engines from Deutz & Cummins. Full cabs are optional with heat and A/C, along with a long list of other options.

LPG Forklifts

Class 6

Electric tow tractors with towing capacities from 3-15T.

Class 7

The compact rough terrain forklift line. Capacities from 5000-11,000lbs. Selectable 4wd, differential lock, Stage V emissions rated engines. The perfect unit for your gravel or dirt yard, year round. Available in 2024, the heavy duty rough terrain series with capacities of 15,500-22,000lbs!

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Aerial Work Platforms

Hangcha is now offering scissor lifts, articulated boom lifts and mast lifts in Canada. With models to match the most common lift heights, Alliance Equipment can provide you with cost effective solutions for your aerial equipment needs.

Hangcha scissor lifts are also available with Lithium Ion Batteries that come with a 5 year warranty.

With platform heights of up to 45ft for scissor lifts, 30ft for mast lifts, and either 32 or 50ft for boom lifts, there is sure to be a model to fit your needs.

Contact us today for a quote on your new Hangcha Aerial Equipment.

Hangcha ForkliftsHangcha Forklifts