Looking for an alternative for your telehandler? 

Alliance Equipment Ltd is the Alberta distributor for Faresin Industries telehandlers.

Faresin Industries is a family run company based in Breganze, Italy. They have been manufacturing telehandlers and agricultural equipment since 1973. Their telehandlers come in a wide range of sizes and specifications. Capacities range from 5500lbs up to 15500lbs and reach capabilities of 55ft. This great line of equipment is an amazing alternative to the big brands and offer a great cost savings as well. 

New Technology.

Faresin Industries was the first manufacturer to offer a FULL ELECTRIC TELEHANDLER in the world. The 6.26 electric runs off a lithium ion battery with fast charging options. With benefits of clean air and quiet operation, these compact units can run indoors all day long while also reducing your maintenance costs. 

Their latest internal combustion model, the FS Series, integrates new technology such as LED lighting, touch screens and stage V emissions rating. Faresin has constantly evolved their equipment and the refinement in this series is no exception. 

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