Looking for a forklift rental?

Alliance Equipment has an ever changing fleet of well maintained material handling equipment to keep your project moving. 

Purchasing a forklift is a big decision. The cost of an outright purchase can be intimidating, let alone the endless options available for forklifts and trying to figure out what you actually need. In general, most customers need to go forward, back, up & down. Renting can be the perfect way to keep your business moving without the overheads of an owned piece of equipment, but it can also show you exactly what you need. And when it breaks down you don’t need to worry about the costs because we maintain it. 

We rent all types of material handling equipment, including: manual pallet jacks, power jacks & stackers, reach trucks, electric forklifts, LPG or diesel forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, high capacity forklifts and more. We also have a limited inventory of scissor lifts and other aerial equipment. 

Contact us to find out more including availability and rates for forklift rentals in Edmonton. 

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