Lithium Ion – The Future of Material Handling Equipment

From Hangcha forklifts, Alliance Equipment is proud to offer the ever growing line of equipment with Lithium Ion Battery power. From walk behind power jacks up to 25T capacity forklifts, we have your needs covered. 

Lithium ion batteries offer a truly maintenance free option for your equipment. They don’t need to be watered and do not corrode. That means no more dangerous acid spills and no battery clean up. Little to no gassing gives cleaner air in your warehouse without the dangers of battery explosions, and opportunity charging means they don’t need to be changed to get through the day. Due to low heat, they don’t need to cool down after charging, just plug in and get right back to work. They are multi-shift ready and come with a staggering 10 year 20,000hr warranty

Power that lasts. 

While lead acid batteries start to lose power as their state of charge gets lower, Lithium Ion Batteries offer more consistent power throughout the entire charge cycle. They can be charged at any time and for any length of time, such as lunch or coffee breaks, and it won’t have long term effects on your battery life. 

Safe and reliable.

In partnering with CATL, one of the world’s largest Lithium Ion battery manufacturers, Hangcha provides an extremely safe Lithium Ion battery system. The battery monitoring system, or BMS, continually monitors the battery during usage and charging to ensure that your forklift is operating at its best. If any of the safety protocols are not met, the forklift or charger will not engage. 

Electric forklifts outside? Of course. 

Concerned about battery life in the cold? Heat packs installed within the battery maintain a suitable temperature for your battery to operate at it’s optimum level. The forklift will not be permitted to operate under load until the preset temperature is met. This makes them suitable for freezer applications, or even outdoors year round. 

Now available in Canada, the High Voltage series. Offering up to 12 hours of run time from a single 1 hour charge, these forklifts will out perform IC engine models. With savings of up to 90% versus an IC engine forklift over its service life, these models truly are the future of material handling.

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